Sadly Laura Marling‘s long awaited Song For Our Daughter Edinburgh gig was somewhat overshadowed by the chaos of fire alarms, and chaos getting in and out of the venue, a nightmare for any artist. However, despite the stress of the event, she pulled it back together with a fine set of calm reflection that sits on the ten track LP.

The route to Song For Our Daughter has been an interesting one, it began in the wake of touring the 2017 Semper Femina, when Laura stepped away from both her record label and her management, and for the first time in many years found herself without any firm idea of her future.

For a time she distanced herself from the idea of being Laura Marling with her collaboration project LUMP (with Mike of Tunng) — all of the connotations and associations her own name conjured, and began to explore something new.
The next twelve months will also bring a new album from LUMP, and Laura credits the experience of working with Mike Lindsay for a new perspective on song-writing. Coming back to Laura Marling, it’s easy to see that her writing has developed.

2020 saw her working on a record that was not distracted by the act of touring. Stuck indoors, she built herself a studio in the basement of her house, where she can spend her time enjoying “a lot of experimenting with sound.” As a result the recent LP is a more confident and comfortable sound for Marling, seemingly resolute in her style.

Therefore, it was upsetting to see her gig usurped by the disorder of a fire alarm, and brigade called out. However, it was clear from this later than intended gig that Marling is sitting more comfortable in her skin, whilst performing even the opener, Alexandra. However, it was on hearing tracks like The End of the Affair and Hope We Meet Again that we see her in full. Feeling somewhat stripped down and intimate with a few neon light boxes joining her as well as a roadie with an occasional change of guitar, it felt like it was authentically Laura speaking/singing to the room. For this, we have to commend her new LP efforts, and look forward to her next pivot in her career.