Scottish multidisciplinary artist Adam Stafford returns with new LP Trophic Asynchrony, a sensitive and poignant exploration of our relationship with nature at a time of a global crisis. Written and recorded during lockdown, the predominantly instrumental album takes its title from the cascade of non-seasonal events due to climate change; of swallows returning in winter, of blizzards in summertime and daffodils at Christmas, all of which we seemingly present with.

Falkirk-based Adam Stafford is a filmmaker and musician, signed to Song by Toad, who composes contemporary neo-classical pieces, evocative and moving in nature. After the success of Fire Behind The Curtain I’ve been with my ear to the ground for his new releases, and this most recent is unlikely to disappoint, particularly for his present fans. Trophic Asynchrony carries the same expressive textures as we have seen from Stafford previous and an immersion that opens the door for comparisons to be made with the likes of Haiku Salut.

Through mutating patterns, rhythmic experimentation and shimmering synth, Trophic Asynchrony teams with life: its eight immersive tracks foregrounding the confusion of these relentlessly strange days of political chaos, world crises and ecological precarity. Working with Robbie Lesiuk on this album adds consistency to Stafford’s work having also been a regular collaborator on Stafford’s prolific output, notably the aforementioned album Fire Behind The Curtain.

As vivid as any of his films I suspect, this new offering from Stafford is a beautiful compilation of tracks, from the whimsy of Carnivore of Lawns to the discord that throttles Thrapples Clag. With Ruptured Telecine adding throwbacks to the 2017 record Fire, every track on this LP is a pure joy to behold. Stafford’s outdone himself with this most recent LP.

Trophic Asynchrony is out now digitally and will be out on vinyl on 22nd October 2021. For more information and digital download click here.