Stuart Turton, an internationally bestselling author, is either a writer who is inspired by travelling or a traveller who is inspired by writing. Stuart studied Philosophy and English which led him to a slew of jobs. The most notable being a travel writer, chasing dangerous experiences for a good story. How many can say they have been in a fight with a dolphin? It was his travels that led him to discovering the history of The Batavia shipwreck. Though the real story was too terrifying to write about, the idea of a 17th century haunted house at sea was something that stuck with Stuart. It took seventeen years for The Devil and the Dark Water to be published.

The Devil and the Dark Water is Stuart Turton’s second novel and was recently purchased by Urban Myth to be adapted for television with Stuart as an executive producer. This is following Stuarts first novel The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle being purchased by Netflix for a seven-part series.

It’s a 550-paged mystery adventure filled with constant intriguing turns and poetic understandings. A journey in 1634 aboard the Saardam, a ship in the United East India Company. The ship sets sail from Batavia, a city of ruin, to Amsterdam. Each passenger boards with their own personal calling for a better life. Amidst them is Samuel Pipps, a genius detective who is due to be tried by a council for a secret offence. Arent Hayes is Samuel Pipps’ hulk-like Watson. A loyal friend, Arent is immediately faced with the problem of protecting Sammy once he is locked in a cell. Protect him from what? Old Tom, the devil, who makes his presence known from the very beginning with the help of a tongueless leper. Regardless of the threat, the Saardam sets sail relying on a murderous crew and a stubborn Captain. With Samuel Pipps locked away, the task of discovering Old Toms plan is left to the underestimated hands of Arent, Sara Wessel (a noblewoman), her daughter Lia, and Sara’s husbands’ mistress Creesjie. With a suspicious noble or crewman at every turn, these four apply unrelenting efforts into uncovering evil and saving the ship.

Stuart Turton has provided a tale that hooks you in the very beginning and drags you across the ocean gasping for the truth to be found. A fast-paced experience with undeniable intrigue and a shocking ending. The Devil and the Dark Water is one mystery you will be desperate to solve.

The Devil and the Dark Water is available now, published by Bloomsbury