Meandering into the Limited Ink Gallery, a fine space just off the beaten track of Leith Walk, there was a feeling of overwhelming nostalgia as we hit an exhibition celebrating and looking back at the ten years of Neu! Reekie!’s existence. After postponing their birthday celebrations during the pandemic, the space has opened up to remind us all of the culmination of talent that come together time and time again as friends and acquaintances of the Neu! Reekie! family and a flavour of the spoken word, visual, musical and film talent that Scotland has to offer.

As soon as you venture into the building you are hit by the work of author and musician, Bill Drummond, his Elvis T’Ama Bill billboard, you simply cannot miss it. The extravagant and experimental work of Drummond is on show, and there have been many over the last ten years from this former KLF member. Next to this is sonic spyrograph which has been created and built by the multi-talented Ziggy or Lomond Campbell, whomever you know him best as. A device that creates sound whilst simultaneously casting webs of pen, it’s a mesmerising device that certainly intrigues the masses as they wonder around the gallery space.

Stunningly displayed across the back wall is an array of photos from both Neu! Reekie!’s Kat Gollock and Ryan McGoverne, all of which reflect us back on the many gigs that the team have indulged and inspired us with. Photos of Jackie Kay, Salena Godden and many others are on display to showcase the line ups we have seen from the organisation over the decade.

And of course there are posters and paintings, films and much more to inhale. Prominently sat with some degree of classical style is an earnest painting of the writer Tom Leonard, one of which that fought for social justice and has been notably regaled over the majority of Scotland’s central belt. Katie Pope’s work is a stunning likeness of the man, and adds great weight to the small yet busy exhibition space.

If I were to divulge much more it may take away from the experience of simply popping down and seeing it with your own eyes so I will not say much else except do enjoy whilst it’s on. It’s such a short lived exhibition, take a moment to reminisce whilst it’s there, it will be gone quicker than the blur of the last ten years.

Neu! Reekie! The Exhibition is open from 9th – 13th June, 12noon until 6pm at the Limited Ink Gallery

Photo courtesy of Kat Gollock