We went to see Cruella and this is what I thought of it. 

It’s the best live action film made by Disney. The acting is really good especially Emma Stone who plays Cruella. There are a lot of actors that I recognise in it for example from Horrible Histories and Nanny McPhee. The film is rated 12A. It’s quite scary and I don’t recommend watching it if you are under seven years old. The costumes, makeup and sets are really detailed and the film looks brilliant.

The music is very well chosen and at the right times it’s very dramatic. The film is about Cruella Devil from the film 101 Dalmatians and how she becomes evil. You get to find out so much about Cruella’s back story. I think you will enjoy this film more if you have seen 101 Dalmatians but you could still enjoy it if you haven`t.  

The film is quite dark because there are quite a few murders in it and this makes it very exciting. My heart was racing for quite a lot of the film. It is probably the scariest Disney film, but don`t worry, it isn`t terrifying. It is not a comedy but there are quite a lot of funny bits in it, some of the jokes are quite cheeky.

One of the things I liked about it was that I could never tell what was going to happen and there were a lot of plot twists and turns. There might have been ways to make this film better but I can’t think of any because it was so good. The film is quite long but that is a good thing because it is so amazing, I didn`t want the film to end because it was so enjoyable. An adult could go and see this film by themselves, it is not just a family film. I think that I was the only kid in the cinema. It is a really good film and I recommend that you go to see it in the cinema or rent it from Disney plus.

Cruella is out on general release in the UK