Author, Chitra Soundar was born in Chennai, India. A seaside city full of culture, art and history. Her stories are heavily influenced from her love of travel, Indian folktales and Hindu mythology. Chitra has published over fifty books for young readers. She speaks Tamil, English and Hindi which serves as a wonderful representation for readers of all ages. Before the pandemic, Chitra visited schools in London inspiring young children. She has found great pleasure in witnessing children feeling seen and other children learning about new cultures and becoming curious. This self-proclaimed bookworm is a bright spot in the publishing world for South Asians and those with appreciation for culture.

Uma Krishnaswamy, who illustrated Chitra’s most recent release, is an author of twenty-five years. She has written novels for young readers, chapter books, picture books and more. Uma was born in New Delhi, India and currently resides in British Columbia, Canada. Her work has been translated into eleven languages. Uma shares Chitra’s love of travelling and finds inspiration everywhere. For her, inspiration is a much slower process of ideas creeping in and not leaving until she has expressed them.

Together, these women have created a lovely visual and imaginative adventure called A Sliver of Moon and a Shard of Truth – Stories from India. Prince Veera, the prince of Himmatpur, and his best friend Suku, a farmer’s son, are well known for their powers of decisive action. With perfect execution and impressive results, they take on issues in their local court. Both boys exhibit different strengths which only makes them stronger when they work together. Soon the boys are invited by King Raja Apoorva of Peetalpur to experience a summer festival. The boys excitedly accept the invitation from Prince Veera’s great-uncle. On arrival they are greeted with an extensive number of challenges and competitions which they meet with imagination and intelligence. As the King becomes more intrigued by the boys’ joint powers of wit, he asks them to attend to issues in his court. Both Prince Veera and Suku show great insight and teach all who encounter them the benefits of being patient, thoughtful and kind. Intertwined with the humour and wisdom of India these tales will make children smile as they learn the important characteristics of a humble and just person. The illustrations throughout the stories will fuel your child’s curiosity and excitement as they learn about Indian culture and beauty.

A Sliver of Moon and a Shard of Truth – Stories from India is a book you will not want to miss introducing to your child.