The Melbourne-based Maple Glider, the project of Tori Zietsch (pronounced like ‘peach’ with a z), has announced her debut album, To Enjoy is the Only Thing, which is out next month via Partisan Records. With the release of her world-weary, hypnotizing, almost-love song, Swimming, accompanied by a skeletal (literally) music video, her potential fans and followers get a substantial flavour of the LP. Predictably for fans of Lucy Dackus, Julia Jacklin and Angel Olsen, Glider has an astute observation folded into her song-writing.

Following the dissolution of a previous musical project in early 2018, Zietsch left Melbourne and moved to the seaside town of Brighton. It was there she began to work on solo material, confounded by homesickness, basking in the lengthy European summer hours and writing non-stop. She returned to Melbourne late 2019 with a plethora of demo uploads, enlisting Tom Iansek (Big Scary, #1 Dads, The Paper Kites, Hockey Dad) to produce and record the songs that would eventually form this debut LP.

On To Enjoy is the Only Thing, written whilst Zietsch lived in Brighton, UK, she compiles a striking set of vignettes from her life; growing up in a restrictive religious household, falling in and out of love, cross-country and international travel, longing, alienation and more. Moments both unremarkable and life-altering, but always affecting to her, are brought to life by the beauty of Tori’s haunting delivery and wry sense of dark humour. 

Zietsch stated on Swimming“This was meant to be a love song, but by the time I finished it, it kind of predetermined a break-up. I’d been experiencing some of the most beautiful places I’d ever been in, and falling out of love was very confusing. I was trying to force myself to be happy and in love, but I was far from home, and really lonely. It made sense to record the song after the break-up. I kind of felt like I was able to handle the sincerity of it then.”

Swimming is a great place to start with Glider’s music, reminiscent of the works of Agnes Obel, haunting and ethereal in the aesthetic, with exploration and self-discovery at the core. View From This Side is perhaps my personal stand out, with satire incorporated into a stripped down acoustic melody that lulls you. Be Mean, It’s Kinder Than Crying for the most part sounds like the intro to a track, allowing the listener to focus entirely on the lyrics, both formidable and considered. These words could be applied to most of this album, formidable yet considered. Glider lulls us with these gorgeous vignettes throughout To Enjoy Is the Only Thing, and for that it’s safe to say with this record, you will indeed enjoy.

To Enjoy Is the Only Thing is out on 25th June 2021, via Partisan Records.