Chris Haughton, multi-award winning author of Oh No, George and A Bit Lost is back with a new picture book, aimed at the same age group, but this time based in the forest, with misbehaving mango-loving monkeys at the core of the tale. A story about the what ifs in life, consequences and repercussions of those decisions, Maybe… is another beautifully illustrated pleasure to read with the young ones.

Chris Haughton is a freelance illustrator and award winning children’s book writer, notably for A Bit Lost and Oh No George! as well as Shh! We Have a Plan which came out in 2014 and won the AOI award for children’s books for 2014. With this background, we suspected another picture book from Chris to be another fabulous one, and will be highly anticipated.

Three little monkeys and their big monkey sit high on a branch in the forest canopy. “OK, monkeys! I’m off,” says the big monkey. “Remember . . . Whatever you do, do NOT go down to the mango tree. There are tigers down there.” Mmm . . . mangoes! think the little monkeys. They LOVE mangoes. Hmm . . . Maybe . . . maybe they could just look at the mangoes. That would be OK, right? With vivid colours, bold shapes, and his trademark visual humour, Chris Haughton is back with a deliciously exotic and suspenseful story about pushing boundaries and mischievously indulging your more impish side (when nobody is looking).

Maybe… is a wonderful picture book both written and illustrated by Chris that gives readers a taste of vicarious mischief. Clearly for very young readers with sparse words and vibrant colours, it’s a simple tale of doing the thing you have been warned not to and the trouble that this can throw you into. Mangos are the desired fruit, tigers are the cautionary tale, but then when its obvious they should actually be worried about the tail as opposed to the tale, they quickly scurry to avoid trouble. With Haughton’s trademark style of illustration and with similar characters to his other playfully wayward ones of note, Maybe… is one that both adults and toddlers will enjoy. And possibly crave a mango after reading.

Maybe… is available now, published by Walker Books.