Lockdown project led by the award-winning Scottish writer, Kevin P Gilday, has been published in a brand new anthology of poetry. A compilation of work, written by writers who had mostly never written a poem before 2020, is out by the title The Scribbler’s Union Vol. 1.

Kevin in response to being in lockdown and craving established a writing group at the beginning of 2020 and in a few short months published an anthology of poetry. Having come up with the idea to offer a writing group, free and accessible to all who wanted to join, as a way to share his knowledge and skills to a new group of writers, he is now reaping the awards with this publication, seeing the talent nurtured and words emerge on the page on more levels than one. Providing a space for people to write, and learn the key aspects to writing poetry, it seems that this was a rewarding process and more so with the publication. These writing sessions have become a lifeline for everyone in the group – providing company, routine and a place to nurture their creative spirit.

Personally, hearing of this emerge has been nourishing. Publishing student Natalie Jayne Clark has worked with Kevin to collate and edit poems from members of the group. Using her taught skills to collaborate with the award-winning musician and poet, this has obviously been a fuelled learning element to these routine workshops. And this is evident from reading The Scribbler’s Union.

Whether it’s Stephen Brackinridge’s play with a renowned Proclaimers track or Natalie’s poem, The Billionaire Cookbook, there appears to be a social tone to this compilation, somewhat reactionary to the past twelve months. And for 27 writers that have little experience (if any) in writing poetry until eleven months ago, there is a maturity to this anthology. The work of Vic Leeson, when you consider her epic Unprecedented, particularly stood out, with many hints of a writer comfortable in their practice. Much of the writing is a pleasure to consider and inhale, and for that, it’s a strong publication with few poems that throw a punch or hit the mark.

A publication of work by poets we should all look out for, this is a fine start for each of these 27 and a wonderful testament to Kevin’s practitioner skills, seeing this well-learned response to his workshops. May we see a Scribbler’s Union Vol. 2.

The Scribber’s Union Vol. 1 is out now, click here for more details