Django Django have released their fourth album, Glowing In The Dark, via Because Music. With more variety but still retaining their trademark sound, this new LP is a visceral move for the band, with tracks such as Glowing in the Dark and Asking for More. Known for their genre defying eclectic sound, this new LP doesn’t disappoint or let them down, but in fact propels them in another leftfield and more confident direction than the previous three records.

Glowing in the Dark has a running theme of escape: from despair, from constraints, from small town life, and even, in dreams, from the Earth. I think we can all find this relative just now, as we all consider this prospect during this crisis and pandemic.

The title track itself sits with you for some time after those three minutes are up, and has more layers than we are perhaps used to from this band. A track inspired by one of Dave Maclean’s spoken word records and then polished with brilliantly flawless Moog synths and drum loops, it pulls their listeners to more synth and loops than they have come to expect of the band. And this is no bad thing.

Opener Spirals reminds me of the work of Scottish band, Errors with those wonderfully elegant circling synths that grow and increase tempo, enabling us to visualise those spirals with that aesthetic. Waking Up, featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg, is mainly acoustic and softly sung, and actually removes us from the expected comfort of a Django Django LP. This move is a bold but welcome one, indulging in this collaboration, those huskier vocals but certainly not devoid of loops.

While Free From Gravity brings together a whole host of the bands influences (Hip hop, electronic and pop are a few genres dedicated in this short track), it’s the funkiest stop-start drum machine that gives it the edge, rendering it one of the stand-out tracks of Glowing in the Dark.

Despite being a follower of their releases this LP is a refreshing move forward, adding notes of optimism and hope with every listen.

Glowing in the Dark is out on 12th February 2021, via Because Music