J Willgoose Esquire, renowned for the music put out via Public Service Broadcasting, has indulged us all with this new side project and release, A Wonderful Hope coming out from Late Night Final via Pias. Seemingly short, four tracks in total, this record is over 45 minutes in length, and is back to back with gleaming dream-synth.

We are all aware of Public Service Broadcasting and the ethereal synth and stunning glitches that make up their sound, it’s fair to be said that PSB fans will be kept happy and sufficiently made up with this album, as it mesmerises as much as the main artist. With words that Willgoose is still loyal to PSB there is no fret there, and in fact they simply adds to the collection of those that indulge in their work. Late Night Final is indeed one of the titles on PSB’s debut album, in fact it’s the final one.

With lockdown, Willgoose was unable to do as planned, which was to work on the next PSB album and had the craving to connect with other humans through music. Low and behold, Late Night Final. Confined to the South East London home he shares with his wife and baby daughter, Willgoose found himself “rifling through cupboards for dusty old synths I haven’t touched in fifteen years and a mess of pedals and cables. I didn’t really know what I was making when I started, I just knew I needed to do something creative and active to feel like I had some sense of control.” Don’t be too surprised if you catch the sound of a rattle or other home-related items that became maverick instruments throughout the making of this one.

Opener, Thank You, was influenced by the purchase of a pedal, and from the offset pulls you, repetitive, hypnotic and ambient. A wonder of a single at a time of year, where we are striving for positivity and warmth. Title track, A Wonderful Hope, continues these feels into the record, despite the initial discord and the familiar PSB vocals, and then quickens the tempo and intensifies the synth. What resonates, however, is this optimistic view that we will come out of the Covid crisis with a new narrative, where we will see things improve.

The third track, The Human Touch, features lucid vocals from sound artist Teddy Hunter, which Willgoose has edited to remove the human touch. As song related to the desperation for human touch but making it seem so very far from, Willgoose has really toyed with our emotions during lockdown with this track. Closing Willgoose shifts to major keys on Slow Release, adding a stripped down and more delicate element to this stunning record. I truly hope that we come out of this pandemic in the way that Willgoose depicts through this record, it may just make up for the last nine months or so.

A Wonderful Hope is out now, via Pias