TJ is a comedian from the US and this is his debut show, filmed on his 31st birthday on January 3rd 2020, but was first aired on 3rd November 2020. The advertising blurb calls it edgy and controversial; which it is. It seems these days that the way to amuse people is to offend other people, but as with all comedy some of these comments will be a hit, whilst others are a miss. Reviewing comedy is a strange thing really as we all find different things funny, and are all offended by different things. It must be said that TJ has a knack of making statements that could be taken as offensive but framing them in an amusing way.

He’s a black man, I’m a white woman so we are already totally different people – but it’s impossible to avoid his logic that his cum is more important than mine as it could contain the next politician and plumber whereas female ejaculation just produces a wet patch. Similarly he talks about how women can be “creepy and horny” when they have the call of the wild and are ovulating, whereas that is a man’s constant state. In essence they are constantly ovulating and so are creepy and horny “all of the time”! Both observations that we may not have thought about in quite that way before.

The show was filmed in a fairly small venue in Brooklyn with an audience of about 160 people. There are fairly constant giggles and laughs from this audience – which TJ mentions at the beginning will contain some people who he has slept with, and he invites them to compare notes at the end. He is a confident young chap, but as he points out he has the microphone so we have to listen to him. He displays a good working knowledge of obscenities, certainly not a show to watch with young children or perhaps your Granny. Although English isn’t his first language as he was born in Haiti, he speaks clearly and is easy to make out. He does mention his accent and the fact we all have one, again very true.

His observational humour about the differences between us was very clever. For example, dogs are happy without going to college and don’t judge themselves like we tend to. Rich people order in restaurants by fascinating dish names like sautéed quail whereas poor people go for whatever they can afford: “oh look, that’s only $7.99, I’ll have that”!

If you don’t mind swearing and aren’t too sensitive then this show is to be recommended, a young man who shows potential and puts an amusing twist on some aspects of life.

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