Zoe Graham is a young Glasgow-based singer-songwriter and musician. Her roots in acoustic music (she won the Best Acoustic award at the 2019 Scottish Acoustic Music Awards) have provided a solid platform for the development of her current brand of shimmering, multi-layered electro-pop. The potential demonstrated by Graham in her debut EP, 2017’s Hacket & Knackered, has been realised in spades with the release of her second EP, Gradual Move, a set of four beautifully-crafted and uniformly excellent electronic pop gems.

Angular guitar lines and bouncy keys usher in the opening song, Gradual Move, in which Zoe Graham balances bittersweet reflections on the move out of her family home with a sense of optimism for the future. Graham’s soothing vocals build deliciously in intensity towards the end of the song…”Everything changes, everything changes, I know it’s not sudden, it’s a gradual move”. Hypnotic vocals combine with washes of synth to produce a suitably dreamy effect in Sleep Talking, which references the risks of uncontrolled utterances while sleeping…”I said it in my sleep, babe, and I hope you didn’t hear it”.

Know By Now features spiralling synths, choppy guitar riffs and assertive, multi-tracked vocals, as Zoe Graham reflects on how we don’t always learn from experience…”I should know by now, I should know by now, I can’t go backing myself up again.” Against a backdrop of mesmerising rhythms and rumbling synths, Graham comments on the complexity of relationships in the closing song, Fault Lines…”Did I tell you it would be alright? Did I tell you it would be just fine? The fault lines, blame on both the sides.”

Gradual Move sees Zoe Graham mature considerably as a songwriter and performer. Glasgow is positively teeming with talented young musicians right now and Zoe Graham is up there with the best of them.

Gradual Move is out now