Song Sung, New York-based twin sisters Georgina and Una McGeough, have released their debut album via Night Time Stories. An ambient ten-track LP, This Ascension Is Ours has no real feeling of movement in gradients, with a permanent high retained throughout all ten tracks. It seems that the ascension really is theirs.

Georgina and Una McGeough grew up in Monaghan, a gnat’s width away from the border with Northern Ireland. The pair first went to Belfast School of Art to get closer to music: “introspect, I think we used art school as a way to develop and incorporate sound / musical ideas into our practice, because it’s always been about the music. We definitely had a strong interest in visual art too, but music interested us the most.”

Moving to New York over a decade ago, they have taken their Irish heritage across the border and allowed them to build connections that sees them where they are today, with this electronic release that connects with their Irish roots in a more subtle manner. Via a mutual friend, the film-maker Seamus Hanrahan, Song Sung got a connection to David Holmes, which is anticipated after just one listen to the LP.

Composer, David Holmes who is known for his composition on OSTs such as Hunger and Killing Eve, got into the studio with the sisters for three days, and laid the tracks down for this debut effort. As you may suspect, there is a cinematic vibe to their sound, and ten-track ambience with a polished production.

Opener, Come To The Water sets the scene with those shimmering vocals and punchy synth, whereas Telling Tales has more of a whimsical Tunng intro before evolving into what we might expect of Sung Song. Dream pop at it’s finest with glitch sounds, it makes for a sonic dalliance with summer.

Somewhere is a particular stand-out with the head nod to Judy Garland’s classic and those stunning strings adding texture to that ethereal synth. Luminous and quixotic, it’s a pivotal treat on this LP. Take Some Time equally has multiple textural layers, and rhythmic elements that allows it to move on through you. The drums at the start of Testimony of Tears has all the feels of a Joy Division track, anthemic yet lyrical, there is much to enjoy from this debut LP.

Closer, Nothing Ever Dies, refers to the otherworld, angels and suchlike, carrying a lulling, paradisical quality. Concluding the LP on this note seems apt, as this ascension is indeed theirs and elevation seems permanent after this diaphanous track.

This Ascension Is Ours is out now, via Night Time Stories.