Near Unison is the latest project released by Scottish artist Ziggy Campbell, also known as Lomond Campbell.

The project, built up of eighteen tracks, were recorded entirely uniquely. Campbell built an 18th Century harmonograph and connected it to a 21st century modular synthesiser to create individual drawings and record the sound to coincide with the tracks.

Campbell experiments with different sounds and themes all throughout the project that ultimately stemmed from the same harmonograph sound. The first track sounds almost oriental, and the one that follows is dark and suspenseful.

The project seems like something straight out of a Sci-Fi series soundtrack. The synth tracks, comparable to the quintessential 80’s vibe, paired with the vintage sound of the harmonograph makes the project futuristic with glimmers of traditional aspects throughout.

Campbell’s DIY project uses a harmonograph, an old scientific machine that uses sound to create illustrations. Connecting each pendulum to a sensor to trigger different parts of a synthesiser, he creates unique and artistic drawings to match each track. He becomes even more creative when attaching a mic to the pen, producing a raw and organic sound.

The project takes the listener on a journey, and with drawings to coincide with each track which Campbell has published, it is even more immersive as it has a physical visual product tied to each.

He showcases his innovative talents specifically in track four in which he manages to create an intense build up and mood with very minimal sounds.

Near Unison is soundtrack worthy and cinematic. The versatile project is unique and artistic and is truly one of a kind.

Near Unison is out now, via Heavenly Recordings