Fife-based Kenny Anderson’s KY10 is a story telling experience drawn from a comic made of glass.

The sharp Scottish voice paired with eighties keys tells the story of KY10, a comic character written in collaboration with artist Keny Drew. Based on the glass comic, the two artists have fused their passions and talent together to produce the artistic experience that is KY10.

The sound, slowly degrading as the episodes continue, match the tones and events of the story unfolding.

Anderson, who has been producing music since the mid-90s, showcases his talent as a gifted composer to produce the LP which takes the listener on an artistic journey.

Under the name Kwaing Creasite, one of his many pseudos, Anderson released it through small record label Triassic Tusk Records based in Fife. He manages to create vivid visions and musical soundscapes that immerse the listener into this world. Mixing artistic instrumentals and storytelling, Anderson almost creates a cinematic experience for his fans.

In times of the audio book, where people may not have the extra time to indulge in reading stories or poetry, this provides even more, effortlessly creating an atmosphere for listeners whilst telling the story.

Filled with symbolism and humour, most characters are personified objects, like the bipolar seagull that accompanies KY10 on his journey. Exploring themes like conspiracy theories, pollution and piracy, retired Anstruther fisherman, Ronnie Hughes, reads the tales with a lifetime of experience of combatting the North Sea behind him.

The LP is creative and artistic and nothing like anything I had listened to before. As a fresh ear, never hearing of KY10 before, it drew me in and I was impressed with how immersive the experience was. It is clear that all the artists working on this merged well together to create a new and exciting way to experience their comic character.

KY10 is out now, via Triassic Tusk Records