Highland-based artist Lomond Campbell released his Slow Hearts EP on June 5th through Heavenly Recordings. His second release since going into lockdown Lomond or Ziggy has obviously keeping himself busy up in his Highlands studio.

Spending his early years in the borders of Scotland, and then Edinburgh where he was known as the lead singer in Found, he packed up his life and moved to the Highlands where he pursued his love of music. After the success of his last album Black River Promise in 2018, Lomond has produced the seven track digital download EP available on Bandcamp.

Lead and title track Slow Hearts is an explosive opener to a versatile EP. The song discussing a late night heart to heart between friends is an indie-rock track about talking your friends off of an imaginary ledge. Despite the upbeat melody, the fiery instrumental contradicts the deep and personal lyrics in a complimentary way.

Recorded in his Highland home, The Lengths, Campbell explores the theme of hard conversations and being a shoulder to cry on. Followed by Fader Down and All the Traces, Campbell slows down the pace showcasing the more vulnerable side of his talent. He also features two interludes within his EP that act as a clever and seamless bridge and link to the next tracks.

The instrumental from Here Comes Another Year stands out as you hear the blend of the synthesiser and drums. Slower Hearts is a slowed down version of title track Slow Hearts. It explores the emotional theme in a more intimate, acoustic and raw way.

His broad Scottish voice paired with his personal lyrics are the main focal point of the EP. Putting the tracks altogether, he managed to produce a sonically cohesive and explorative EP that was a pleasure to listen to.

Slow Hearts is out now, via Heavenly Recordings