Ohmme, the Chicago-based band of Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart, have released their new album, Fantasize Your Ghost, on June 5th via Joyful Noise Recordings. A gritty rock band that has followed their 2018 LP Parts with a strong album, Ohmme is a fabulous new introduction of a band that nods towards the likes of Karen O, Cate Le Bon, and even Siouxsie Soux, as we get a sense of no-s**t-taking, unapologetic musicians that are willing to push boundaries.

Following intensive tours with acts like Wilco, Iron & Wine, Twin Peaks, and more, Fantasize Your Ghost is the direct result of the band spending more time on the road than in Chicago. It’s deeply concerned with reflective questions that come from touring all the time, about home, sense of self and other deep explorations. The album was quickly recorded over a six day session in August 2019 when the band decamped to the Post Farm in southern Wisconsin. With producer Chris Cohen and the idyllic setting outside Chicago, the songs came to life. And listening back you would never believe that there was only six days recording, at least with a ten track album.

Fantasize Your Ghost captures their variety of sound, and their refusal to remain within the boundaries of genre. With many head nods to She Drew The Gun, Rozi Plain, the aforementioned Cate Le Bon, it is impossible to define their sound, whether it references moments meandering or explosive, forcing us to move to their dystopian dance rock. Perhaps with so much uncertainty for the road ahead and our own present path, it’s ideal listening for many during lockdown.

Fantasize Your Ghost asks pertinent questions: when life demands a crossroads, what version of yourself are you going to focus on? What part of yourself will you nurture and what do you have to let go of? When they sing, “Just walk out the door and / Don’t tell them goodbye” there is hope as well as departure, that notion of shedding skins. A strong record with elements of relativity, there is much to get from Ohmme’s most recent offering. From Flood Your Gut, which is more of a grungey rock track to the more sedate After All, via the heavily string-based, layered Spell It Out, we are taken on a well-written journey, it’s not only the musicians that are travelling with this record.

Fantasize Your Ghost is out now, via Joyful Noise Recordings