If you like thrillers laced with dark humour, Lucas and Albert is right up your street. The National Film Award nominated film follows the story of two hitmen, Lucas and Albert, who are hired to tie up loose ends from a robbery-gone-wrong twenty-odd years ago.

This is the first feature film to come out of director Darren S. Cook’s 25-long year career in the industry. The cast is made up of lead actors James Osborne and A. G. Longhurst who play the title characters Lucas and Albert. Starring alongside them as cameos are soap stars John Altman, who plays Nick Cotton in EastEnders, and Doctors star Michael Mikel.

The first five minutes of the film are intense, starting with an assassination, it grips the viewer from the start. Filmed in black and white, the movie gives off an old-school gangster vibe. Despite the quick start, the rest of the story is slow burning. Little details of the storyline are revealed bit by bit as the characters’ unlikely friendship becomes the central focus.

The humour is dark, crude and very British. Lucas and Albert are written in a way that many could relate to. From the running joke of Lucas’ gut problem, to the emotional story of Albert’s wife, they are not glamorised and are painted like everyday men.

It effectively tells the story behind a hitman. It shows their nonchalant attitude towards killing. Albert says, “We’re not evil, just got no conscience.” Although an unlikely pair, their bond develops through the story and their love-hate relationship blossoms, even in the dire circumstances they are brought together.

The vintage vibe is carried until the end when they meet Charlie, who is portrayed like a classic villain. This follows the theme throughout the film, however, it border lined on cheesy in my opinion, but redeemed itself by the finale. The dialogue and chemistry between the two characters is what makes this film. They bounce off of each other, and as they slowly start to open up to each other, in the end a massive twist leaves the viewer shocked but satisfied.

With the black and white effect, the gangster hitman story line and the unexpected ending to their shady business, Lucas and Albert gives something different than other mainstream films. It is ambitious, entertaining and gripping, and by the end, you will feel like you would know the characters if they walked down the street. If you are looking for a dark comedy to watch with suspense and thrill during lockdown, you should consider Lucas and Albert.