Blending the glamour of big band instruments with modern day house, Dutty Moonshine Big Band’s album, City of Sin, released on 29th May, is a fusion of decades.

After the success of their previous album Most Wanted, fans have been anticipating their next release since its announcement. The 12-piece band formed in England produced the album loosely telling the story of their origins.

To describe them simply in two words, they are original and ambitious. The album takes you through a journey of a century. Combining the big band sound of the 1930’s with dance, and intense bass lines with rap. Think Dizzee Rascal meets rave meets Gatsby, like I said, ambitious.

The album kicks off with explosive dance tunes, and progresses into songs such as It’s Alright with sexy and sultry vocals that create a timeless vibe. Then, as if they couldn’t get more inventive, they include South America-inspired track Fianca and Afro-pop number Lock Down.

The band uses the variety of their unique ensemble to the best of their ability, creating one of the most versatile albums I have heard in a long time – name a genre, and they have probably incorporated into a track.

An advantage of their diverse sound is that there is something for nearly everyone. However, often being too ambitious can lead to not achieving a clean cut album, and I would agree with this to an extent. Whether they are still trying to find their sound or are planning to continue with this, tightening each genre of their group will elevate their music even more.

The band signed with the Universal Music Group last year, and lockdown hasn’t stopped their creativity. Interacting with fans on their Facebook page, you can find them doing live DJ sets. Over on their Instagram, @duttymoonshinebigband, they feature video chats every Tuesday, stirring up a huge excitement for the album.

As if there was not already an impressive number of members in the band, the album features collaborations with artists such as Ojdbox and Chininah.

The mix of the reinvented 1930’s big band with house and bass manages to achieve euphoric tracks as well as sultry songs with a timeless element. This Brass-House music is in, and as it is commanding the attention of many, it is probably something here to stay.

City of Sin is out now, via Universal Music Group