From the award-winning team behind Tiny and Lots comes a new book exploring another fascinating area of biology: growth. Nicola Davies is a zoologist and I think that is more than apparent with most of her books. Grow: Secrets of our DNA is less of an animal title and more about us collectively. A picture book for those starting school, Grow is an interesting title for many considering how we indeed grow and form.

An illustrated introduction to the idea of DNA for young readers, those starting to read for the first time, this picture book offers the complex concept in storyform. All living things grow – every plant and every animal, including human beings. Some things grow fast and others grow slowly; some grow incrementally and others vastly, there are differing forms of growth but this book pulls together the topic

Ever since you were the size of a dot, your body has been following a set of instructions: a code, which connects you with every creature on the planet… and through this tale the idea of DNA is made simple and can be unpacked for children, giving them the room to understand the complexity of DNA with a simplicity in language and narrative. However, not too simple that it will deter and discourage 5 and 6-year-olds from wanting to continue with the title.

The artwork and illustration will seem familiar to you if you have read any of Nicola Davies book prior to this. Such a distinct style, the story and illustration when Sutton and Davies come together. Somewhat conservative and subdued, the elaborate artwork is busy for the older picture book reader. A journey through life and growth, this stunning book is informative and inspiring, giving early school kids the opportunity to delve into DNA without being overwhelmed with detail. It’s an exquisite book for anyone into science and keen to learn more.

Grow: Secrets of our DNA by Nicola Davies and Emily Sutton is available now, published by Walker Books