Darren Hayman returns with new album Home Time, which is out on 29th May via Fika Recordings. An autobiographical album about break ups, Home Time is relative, delicate, honest and sees you giggle at points. 
Darren set an eight track, acoustic rule for the record, giving eveything an intimate and fragile sound. With his distinctive vocals joined on every song by the sweet antipodean tones of Hannah Winter and Laura K, Home Time has the warmth you expect from the title, wholesome and fragile in every respect.

When Darren Hayman made his debut in 1997 with the acclaimed indie band Hefner. In 2016 Darren was awarded ‘Hardest Working Musician’ by the Association of Independent Music for his dedicated and committed project on Thankful Villages, the 55 villages that survived the Great War with no casualties. His early songs told the story of the lonesome and lost, and and it seems he has reverted somewhat to those days with this record., away from these more historical and geographical projects we have heard over the last few decades.

Curl Up is a reflective ballad, a clear break up track that with keys and accordion that speaks to your soul. I Was Thinking About You is somewhere we have all found ourselves after any break, with a jaunt and tempo that gives it a humourous edge. Because We Were Impossible is certainly one that makes you smile with those lyrics, “because we chased a river, because we shared a book, because she wasn’t equipped for me falling apart.” The layers that build initially from percussion to guitar, accordion and backing vocals add gravitas to the track, a stand out track personally on the album. Keys, drums and guitar along with vocals culminate I Am The Noise, a track that sees one nearing the end of their relationship. Questions and confusion about where things have gone, but ultimately they have gone. I Want To Get Drunk has a lovely balance between bass, percussion and guitar, and embraces the motions that you go through when dealing with a relationship falling apart.

I Tried And I Tried and I Failed is as catchy as Belle and Sebastian’s Boy With The Arab Strap, and has a poking fun sense of humour to it too. With parody and tongue-in-cheek aspect to it, I Love You, I Miss You, Come Back is another chronological step in the break up process, and a great song. Dinosaur Plate, however, is the pinnacle, exploring all the material items we have to then split when splitting. The chorus lists several of the dinosaurs, and I dare you not to smile whilst listening to this track. Kissing a Cloud finishes it off with wonderful percussion, deep bass, shimmering acoustic guitar, and an all-rounder reflective song, coming to terms with the break up. The almost chronological process of breaking up, Darren Hayman’s Home Time is a cathartic listen, one that we can all relate to, having been there at one point. An audibly beautiful listen, which has sad and comical aspects to it, Home Time is a great journey of a record.

Home Time is out on 29th May, via Fika Recordings