Lomond Campbell breaks his silence since the release of Black River Promise three years ago with an EP collection of six tracks made on his modular synth. Lost Bleeps From A Lone Highland Beacon has been a response to the isolation and Covid-19 outbreak, as it gave him time to focus on work, whilst in isolation.

He was touring the UK with King Creosote amidst the Covid-19 outbreak and watched the story unfurl as they toured. When he left home the term social distancing hadn’t even been uttered and when he arrived back two weeks later he had to self-isolate for fear of contamination.

Playing modular synth for King Creosote had given him a patch and comfort and this EP has come from the modular synth and his patch before dismantling it, and just as well he did. Far removed from Black River Promise, Lost Bleeps are not only lost but a real pleasure to listen to.

Inharmonicity is a great place to start with this record, as it sets the scene for the rest. Devoid of vocals and much else, the layers of the synth simply create the beat and the keys, and the voice. But it works. By The Way By The Way, which was performed at the From Scotland With Love gig, is stunningly repetitive but it’s discord and wonderful glitches add a cultural subtext. It’s a real gift of a track, the fusion of diverse and yet not diverse sounds, takes us on a journey. However, the EP peaks for me at the third track, Octadisko, which is impossible to sit still to. Highly repetitive in a funky electro way, you too will want to do your daily exercise to this five minute treat. Half way through this track, it pivots to a darker sound, and somewhat reverts back, but you still want to move. Don’t be fooled by Ohmic, there are no lyrics on this song, there is however obscured recorded sounds, alongside the synth. The final track, Atalla and Kahng, concludes the record with groovy glitch alongside dirty bass sounds. It really reinforces that Lomond or Ziggy has a clear understanding of the versatility of the modular, and how far it can take him.

Only available as a digital download from his Bandcamp page, Lost Bleeps is out now