Gloucestershire-born indie-folk singer-songwriter Chloe Foy is noted for her graceful vocals, intricate arrangements and emotionally direct songs. In recent times, she has toured extensively in support of the mercurially talented Jesca Hoop (while also providing backing vocals in Hoop’s band) and completed a headline English tour to promote her third EP, Callous Copper. For this EP, Chloe Foy’s vocals and acoustic guitar are supplemented by a talented and versatile string quartet.

The title track, Callous Copper, sees Chloe Foy’s warm, soothing vocals set against gently rhythmic guitar and quietly soaring strings to bring a sense of open space and adventure to this celebration of love (“Quietly now you kiss my mouth, it turns me inside out and inside in again”). In the more sombre Never Be The Same Again, Foy’s elegant vocals envelop and captivate the listener, accompanied by warm washes of majestic and moving strings (in the style of Eleanor Rigby or Cloudbusting).

The hymn-like and heartbreakingly beautiful Song For D features a high, sweet and quietly impassioned vocal from Chloe Foy, with the song’s poignancy enhanced by the delicate sweep of the strings (”And what is it that you have got that I don’t have but now is lost, what is it now that drives you on forever?”). The closing song, Borrow From Tomorrow, brings a change of pace and tone, with its chiming guitar licks, chugging chords and swinging, old-timey strings delivering a delicious Americana vibe. Foy brings a quietly commanding vocal and the songs closes with a gentle, waltz-time hoedown for strings, which would grace many a Western movie soundtrack.

With Callous Copper, Chloe Foy has produced a set of quietly assured and exquisitely crafted songs, which belong in the top tier of UK singer-songwriting.

Callous Copper is available now on vinyl, CD and digital download.