Launching their new single in Edinburgh’s boudoir, Triassic Tusk’s Check Masses took to the stage to showcase their variety and influences as well as their talent on a Friday eve. With support Super Inuit there to keep things ticking along (Check Masses only have a set list of eight tracks) it’s a fun night for all of the guests.

Vic Galloway, Saleem Andrew McGroarty and ‘Philly’ Angelo Collins have helped shape the sound of Edinburgh through underground gigs, club culture and broadcasting over the years. They are now giving something else to the scene in terms of music, and there is much of it to give. With influences spanning from The Eels and The Housemartins apparent in their music as well as the more obvious Massive Attack and David Lynchian sounds, they really do keep it rather a varied gig.

Sadly I missed most of Super Inuit, walking in on their last track. A stalwart Edinburgh-based electro-synth duo, Brian Pokora and Fern Morris kept the Check Masses’ fans content before the headliners came on to celebrate the single launch. Forty minutes late from schedule, the trio along with a couple of additional others on guitar and drums, had an eruptious response from the crowd, with many going into full flow from the get go.

Morrocan Skies, “strong opener” someone heckled, was indeed that and braced the crowd somewhat for what was next to follow. The Moon & You and Lost in the City are another two strong contenders for next single releases from the album, which will come out later in the year. Philly’s soulful vocals combined with Andy’s tambourine and Vic’s dirty bass often form a psych sound, which could underscore an Oliver Stone or a Tarantino. And although DRIPN ANGEL was clearly the one everyone was waiting for, my own personal highlight was Lonesome Little Paradise, as it brought me back a decade or two, with the references and head nods. Refreshing to hear music like this again, I am sure that we can look forward to many more treats that Check Masses have in store.

Photo courtesy of James Duncan

Check Masses new single DRIPN ANGEL is out now, via Triassic Tusk.