Poliça kick off 2020 with a new release, When We Stay Alive is set for release January 31st via Memphis Industries. With a focus on healing and reviving it’s a relative record that adds some depth to the new decade.

When Poliça’s Channy Leaneagh fell off her roof while clearing ice in early 2018, she smashed her L1 vertebrae and battered her spine, leaving her in a brace with limited mobility for months. This was maybe the catalyst for this record that’s about the redemptive power of rewriting your story in order to heal, and reclaiming your own identity as a result.

Meditating on the mental act of healing also, as well as the physical, Channy has no doubt been working to iron out any frustration or remorse that came with the fall. She started applying her Doctor’s advice to other incidents that have happened throughout life, with a healing effect.

Although half of When We Stay Alive’was written prior to her fall, and half afterwards, the tracks hold together to create an album. Forget Me Now considers how two people can bring out the worst in each other, while on the less anxious Steady she focuses on the transition from having her parents assistance with her immediate family to it suddenly becoming just her, pressure applies. TATA with all its sound glitches was inspired by the challenge of keeping a cool head in the face of tense community meetings.

Inspired by the power and redemption found in her healing process, her second batch of songs are perhaps a little more reflective. Feel Life is a focus on what life offers rather than what it lacks. Be Again is about her regaining control, a song recorded as she relearned to sing while wearing a brace. Blood Moon examines how keeping a guard up can isolate you from life rather than play a protective role. Reflective yet determined, there is a maturity about this new LP from Poliça, which is still anchored by the heavy synths and punctuating beats that we come to expect from both Channy Leaneagh and Ryan Olson. With their history of working and collaborating with many artists such as Leftfield and Bon Iver, they were in a strong position with this album to draw upon this talent to create the sound.

With this and her lifechanging experience, this new album takes their music to a furthered level. When We Stay Alive is a focus on the good as well as the precarious with doing so.

When We Stay Alive is out on 31st January, via Memphis Industries.