This week sees the release of Georgia‘s new LP, Seeking Thrills, with all its quirks and sound glitches. With plenty going on and vocal reverb, there are many surprises throughout this thirteen-track album. Already released single, Never Let You Go exemplifies Georgia’s trademark lyrical sweetness and acidic production merged with a house-influenced driving beat.

After a successful 2019 for Georgia, Seeking Thrills comes at no better time, keeping her fans satisfied. Both of her singles, Started Out and About Work The Dancefloor hit Radio 1’s A playlist, and propelled Georgia to headline international shows, including dates in Europe, Latin America, the US, Australia, and Glastonbury.

The new LP is a fascinating album, and keeps the listener on their toes, as it alternates between vibes, and incorporates new sounds. Generally packed with lightness and fun, fused with rich melodies that bring you to the party, R&B or electro. Heavily inspired by Chicago House and Detroit Techno of the early 80s, Seeking Thrills combines analogue club sounds with pop songwriting. And there is obviously a love for the percussion, hits you like a brick to the face with this new LP.

Opener Started Out has tones of Christine and the Queens, and it takes no time before you start jigging along to the hypnotic rhythm of the track. About Work The Dancefloor is a headnod to the ’80s, a great dance track that inflates the pace of the album, whereas 24 Hours has more of a R&B undertone, but with no shortage of electronic glitches.

Mellow takes those R&B vibes a step further and is a stand-out track, and not simply for it’s inclusion of the lyrics, “amaretto, vodka jello all night, all night.” There is a notable darkness that is rarely visible on Georgia’s tracks. Till I Own It brings it back to electro, light and fluffy with formidable lyrics, however. Ultimate Sailor is ultimately atmospheric, cinematically stunning in places. Sweet vocals amidst the synth’s discord, this track is a wonderful showcase of the variety in Georgia’s lyrics.

Ray Guns brings it back down from those melodic vocals, Georgia repeating “They’ve got me Ray Guns” to a percussive backdrop, drum n bass and dub sounds aplenty. The Thrill is more in tune with Started Out, and incorporates the album title in the lyrics, an electro-frolic that embodies no shortage of drama, and Maurice. Finally Honey Dripping Sky is not only a wonderfully titled track, but concludes the album with a slower-paced down-tempo ballad. With lyrics such as, “did you want to stay? mistakes were made, I wasn’t thinking straight” it’s a staggering reflective work from Georgia, hitting it home that she keeps her sound incredibly varied from track to track on Seeking Thrills.

Aptly titled, Seeking Thrills is a sonic journey that side-steps genres and overlaps hybrids. No doubt it will be another great year for Georgia.

Seeking Thrills is out on 10th January, via Domino Records.