A heart-warming picture book of likes, this new title from Mary Murphy explores the list of likes that young children tend to run through, ending with the most significant. This title, intended for three and older is a new one from the writer of Good Night Like This and Are You My Mummy?.

What I like most is this pencil. It is red outside and red inside. Its colour comes out like a red ribbon. It’s what I like most in the world. Except for…

A little girl tells us about all her favourite things, from her light-up shoes, to hot, steamy chips, to her red pencil. But with these things the girl knows that they are likely to change, her feet grow, her plate empties, and her pencil shortens but there’s someone she’ll always love that will always be there.

With a tendency to write books about these tender subjects, Mary Murphy has done it again with a flow to the prose that works rather nicely for any parent reading this to their child. She explores favourites, change and the fickle behaviour in children when it comes to the material. This child’s favourite moves from the window in their home to apricot jam, and then to her shoes that lights that flash and the river that has fish and ducks swimming in it.

What I Like Most is a compassionate and considered book that explores the unwavering love a child has for their mother. This tender, lyrical story is brought exquisitely to life by Zhu Cheng-Liang, a recipient of a New York Times Best Illustrated Book Award. The favourites are made into icons as the page begins and further explored through a more elaborate illustration on the page opposite with bold, vibrant colour and nicely detailed watercolour pictures.

The lyrical text is warm, alongside these delicate gifts from Cheng-Liang and the two sit rather nicely next to each other, resulting in a fine book for three-year-olds. What I Like Most will no doubt end up on their lists of what they like most indeed.

Images courtesy of Walker Books, who have published What I Like Most by Mary Murphy.

What I Like Most is available now, published by Walker Books