It’s unusual to get two bands you’d love to see live together but that was the case for The Twang supporting Shed Seven. Both have some truly epic songs and seemed a good fit to appear together.

The Twang come from Birmingham and are promoting their new album: If Confronted Just Go Mad. They played songs Loving State and Everytime from this; as well as their better known (so far!) song Either Way which was just fantastic to experience live.

Shed Seven kicked off their set with Room In My House and Where Have You Been Tonight. The crowd went wild, and stayed wild for the ninety minute set, and deservedly so. Rick knows how to work a crowd as well as a microphone and had super banter in-between songs. Unusually for Aberdeen there was a date clash with two major concerts in the city that night – the alternative was Michael Bublé at P&J Live and when Rick mentioned him there was a huge boo, he then said they were playing Glasgow the next night, which was also booed. Basically, anything that wasn’t Shed Seven and the Music Hall and us, was unattractive to all in the room! As Rick said, it is Shedcember. He also told us about a free walking tour the next day leaving from the Mercat Cross (which he pronounced meercat). Nice to know he took notice of where he was.

During Getting Better Rick left the stage and came down to the barrier, still singing as he worked his way along all the fans desperate to touch, or selfie, their hero. He stopped at a blonde girl and they both sang along together eyes locked, night made!

The band played well together, unsurprisingly given the length of time they have been together. Many of the songs were from back in the 1990s, and many of the audience were of a particular age, perhaps having been students in the band’s heyday.

The stage set up was strikingly simple. Fairy lights were draped along the front of the amps and drum kit with a sparkly gold back cloth. Yes, the set did include Going For Gold, and for that song the three chaps playing brass instruments also had sparkly gold cloth jackets.

For a night of much nostalgia it contained many new happy memories. The band are so unpretentious they said they would be coming back on, so no one had to risk their hands and throats creating noise to draw them back onstage, although there was huge relief when they reappeared. The encore was new song Invincible (proving the band truly still “have it”) followed by the classic hits Disco Down and Chasing Rainbows. For a few minutes, everyone was twenty years younger, and still just as bouncy as back then!