Performing in Glasgow’s trendy Barras Art and Design on Hallows Eve, behind a screen, or what seemed like a tent, Moon Duo, with drummer in tow, were quite the spectacle sonically and visually, promoting their new album, Stars Are the Light. Packed out with music enthusiasts (and not a Halloween costume in sight), thee was a great deal of love for Moon Duo, as they both entered and left the stage.

First up was Anna Pluto, a stunningly mesmerising singer/songwriter, who, originally from Latvia, occasionally sings in her native language, to DIY synth pop. A last minute support slot that threw me back to seeing Zola Jesus in Iceland, Anna was hip in her all black attire, and rimmed bowler hat. Her mix of analog and digital synth with her soft vocals was a nice warm up pre-Moon Duo, with an incomprehension as to who might want to support such a band. For after they hit the stage, everything is forgotten, and you are lulled into their multi-sensory trance.

Portland’s Moon Duo came into the tent/screen behind where Anna performed, with Ripley Johnson adorning a wizard hat, and Sanae Yamada sporting a luscious red wig, ready to kick into a Halloween gig set to please. Promoting their new album, there was much from Stars Are the Light on that set list, including Flying, The World and the Sun as well as Lost Heads and Fever Night. But I must admit it was no easy task to keep your eye on the set list, as the stunningly projected visuals were easy to get lost in, and many had their phones set to video to document this more unusual gig experience. I am sure I am not the only one that will be keeping an eye on when this band is returning back to Glasgow, as this was more than a gig, the entire performance was considered. And well, the music ain’t too bad either.