Playing to a sold out gig at Glasgow’s Barrowlands, Hot Chip certainly had the crowd hot stepping over and over again to their synth heavy rock grooves. 

Approaching the historic, or more correctly titled, “Iconic” venue, which hasn’t changed much over the decades, nostlagia stirred within. My first ever live gig was here to see Therapy’s 1994 Troublegum tour.  What a gig that was, is stage diving still a thing? I still get butterflies approaching this venue because there is always such a vibe, one way or the other, the Barras has a pure buzz about it.

Seeing the queue snaking down the road I have a very brief moment of pause. Luckily it is a steady flow, five minutes and I’m up the stairs and in just in time to catch the last few tunes of Rosie Lowe. Beautiful vocals, rather jazzy, soulful, with a well versed tight backing band. They had a great sound and the crowd seemed to appreciate their tunes. Although I feel a smaller venue would have suited their sound and energy.

The fifteen minutes stage change gave me some time to reminisce on past gigs, like many Glasweigians, and adopted Weegies, The Barras holds a very special place in our hearts. It’s an important coming of age, a mile stone, attending your first gig at “The Glasgie Barras!”

Casting an eye across the crowd, the audience is diverse, all ages and in all kinds of outfits, many of them displaying glowing neon trim, a good sign. Not being too familiar with Hot Chip’s back catelogue prior to the gig I then realised I was in for a treat.

Hot Chip are full of energy, and offer up a great show, entertaining the mass sway of revellers with their often synchronised dance moves. Opener, Huarache Lights set the tone for the night to a wave of neon. The calypso dance track One Life Stand had the audience in the palm of their hand but it was the next track on the set list that saw them in tow. Their popular track Flutes had every foot on the floor in sync. This track is from Hot Chip’s fifth album, which was their first album released under Domino Records in 2012. Despite their recent release, A Bath Full Of Ecstasy, there was a nice mix of old and new tracks on this set list, which certainly kept their fans in a harmonic bliss . And well, that cover, Hot Chip performing the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage, WOW! Enough said..