Stellar Quines alongside the Citizens Theatre kicked off the run of their play, Fibres, in Paisley’s Art Centre, with much sold-out success. A play that considers family, loss, grief and love, there is poignancy , yet hope, with this production, as part of the Citizens Women series.

“We were two weans playing at wee hooses, him in his first job and me being the good wife doing his washing. Now we’re both paying the price.”

Jack is stubbornly proud of his work at the Clyde shipyards. His wife, Beanie, who is nursing him through asbestosis-related systems, thinks he should be considering compensation or something for what he is now suffering. But the real test of their relationship arrives when Beanie finds out that the dusty overalls Jack brought home for washing has affected her health, poisoned her too.

Meanwhile their daughter, Lucy, attempts to overcome her grief and is very much caught up in the more difficult times of her parent’s marriage. Will she let this affect her potential relationship with Pete?

Written by award-winning playwright Frances Poet, Fibres is a big-hearted play about what it means to cope through good times but also the rough and the sick times. A story told by four characters who carry a West-coast resilience and wit, the play ponders many things including coping with ill-health in families as well as acceptance of death.

Lucy, performed by Suzanne Magowan, comes across somewhat ditzy but in reality is struggling with grief. Pete, Ali Craig’s character has a softspot and fondness for Lucy, but is struggling to deal with her being somewhat of a liability during this grieving period.

Jonathan Watson (Only An Excuse, Two Doors Down, Rab C Nesbitt) who plays dad, Jack, shows heart and yet, just takes life as it comes, whereas Maureen Carr (‘ugly sister’ Edith in Still Game and baddie Theresa O’Hara in River City) as Beanie, is much more contemplative of the system. And all four performances are stunning, prodding and questioning much about justice, and love.

Photography courtesy of Jassy Earl

Fibres tours across venues in Scotland until 2nd November 2019. For more details and tickets click here.