SASAMI (Sasami Ashworth) has been making music out in Los Angeles, in almost every way you can, for the last decade. From playing french horn (as the photo depicts) in orchestras and studios, to playing keys and guitar in local rock bands (Dirt Dress, Cherry Glazerr), to contributing vocals/string/horn arrangements to studio albums (Avi Buffalo, Curtis Harding, Wild Nothing, Hand Habits etc.) and producing tracks for other respected artists (Soko), she has gained a reputation as an all-rounder, and there’s simply nothing she cannot put her hands to. She even directed her most recent single-release video.

Performing tonight with support from Glasgow-based Faith Elliot and also Lost Map’s Molly Linen, there is plenty to wam up the LA artist. With a solid set from both, and Molly Linen sounding tight with track, Away, in particular, there was much anticipation in a packed out Hug and Pint in Glasgow this evening.

After graduating from the Eastman School of Music in 2012, SASAMI spent her time scoring and making orchestral arrangements for films, commercials and studio albums, as well as being a devoted music teacher in LA. She spent the last two and half years as a so-called “Synth Queen,” touring the world non-stop and making records in the band Cherry Glazerr (on Secretly Canadian) and is presently enjoying the solo career whilst touring and putting out releases via Domino Records.

There is much that goes on throughout a SASAMI set, aside from her quirks and humour. The music itself jerks and evolves from harmony to discord throughout most live renditions of her tracks, which can disorient the listener. It certainly meant you took a step back from the speakers. Performing her most recent single, Take Care, as well as a great deal from her self-titled debut. With much sitting next to each other that is the antithesis, it’s a sporadic listen for the most liberal of ears. However, if you do take the effort to widen your scope and take a step back from the speaker, a SASAMI gig is all the more pleasurable, with one in the audience audibly uttering, “cool” after her set. All in all, a suitably entertaining Tuesday night in Glasgow’s Hug and Pint.