Tom Houghton grew up on Military barracks all over England, Germany and Northern Ireland and found himself in boarding school in the depths of Cumbria from the age of six. His show, Thats What I Go To School For is very much about that, in fact, there are clear poignant, laddish and heartfelt moments dotted about his hour of comedy, as he proceeds to question a society that lets precisely those from private education into the high-powered jobs, the banks, the Cabinet, Number 10.

For almost a decade Tom was part of an improv comedy group called The Noise Next Door, and based in London, he is now riding solo, pulling in his posh experience and unusual upbringing to create a comedy that pokes fun not only at him but those he grew up with. Venturing back into his public school upbringing in anecdotal fashion, Houghton injects all the usual “banter,” their disucssion of the opposite sex, the fact that they talk in tongues, or double negatives, and come out of these institutions knowing nothing better than they are in the top 7 per cent.

Albeit humour we have all certainly heard before, whether here at the Fringe, in the pub from a pal, or an open mic night, there is a degree of authenticity to Tom Houghtons show. His background and willingness to poke fun at it, highlighting it for all its flaws, adds a layer we dont entirely expect. It adds a little more depth to the pun-intended style humour we are subjected to over the course of the hour.

He is indeed like he says, a bit of a posh twat. More parodyian and less Etonian, Tom Houghton uses a schoolboy humour and charm to delight his crowd, with a dry wit that will often throw you off guard, albeit covering ground we have seen plenty of times before.

You can see Tom Houghton: That’s What I Go To School For at JackDome, Pleasance Dome until 25th August at 20:10. For tickets, go to