Madcap comedian Paul Foot certainly knows how to work a room and has the audience in stitches before even appearing on stage. The show starts with him orchestrating his own welcome and giving the crowd in the Underbelly Cowgate venue at the Edinburgh Fringe a lesson in applause.

When he does arrive on stage he does so in full vigour, dressed outlandishly in a green worn-out leather jacket, shirt and trousers with clashing bright tie and socks. A set of large beads round his neck and his trademark mullet permed in a tight curl oozing eccentricity.

His performance on stage sees him constantly pacing around and using a head banging tick to effect when making a point with his own unique stage presence.

An affinity is built with the audience with ease by Paul even picking his favourite audience member and having some hilarious interaction with him when he’s found out for not paying attention to a joke.

Cheeky wry smiles are often flashed at those whose stray lonesome laughs occur even before a joke is delivered in recognition that they know something funny is coming – and this happens a lot as his eccentric charm and comic timing can have you laughing before hearing that punchline.

Now and then throughout the show a ‘disturbance’ is read from a card, which are produced from his accompanying leather briefcase. These are ideas or realisations Paul has had, which have disturbed him and are as weirdly wonderful as he is.

In the closing part of the show Paul’s take on an answer as to where homosexuality comes from – him being openly gay himself – brings the show to a close. A surreal experiment conducted with willing members of the audience to prove his point and summing up the whole crazy off the wall show.

His wacky comedic style may not for everyone but for me it was an hour of non-stop laughs, which brought tears of laughter. Others have described him as a comic genius and I for one have to agree.

You can see Paul Foot: Baby Strikes Back! at Underbelly, Cowgate, until 25th August at 19:10. For tickets, go to