Reconnecting with an absent parent can be a traumatic experience, one which Orlando Baxter explores in his new show, Finding Mariah – a reference to the reconnection, also finding him with some possible sisters he never knew he had.

Orlando is instantly likeable and his observations of the differences between his homeland in the United States and the UK are spot on, in particular Edinburgh, his home for August.

The complexities of being a black American are also touched on along with growing up with issues with his eyesight when he was a boy. The decision by his mother not to let him have an operation to fix the eyes but rather have glasses led him to face some teasing at school. Now that Orlando can laugh about this proves he’s forgiven those times.

‘I knew I was poor when I broke my glasses and instead of getting a new pair, I got tape.’ This is also true of his mission to meet his dad who was absent from his life until the age of 10 and then wasn’t quite what he expected when they did eventually reconnect. His story is a personal one and the audience hang on to his every word as the trials and tribulations of being back in his father’s life are laid bare in comic fashion.

It’s evident any pain endured from this has now healed as the momentum then shifts to managing the relationship and the search for his possible sister. Orlando tells his story with ease and is charming and funny to listen to.

You can see Orlando Baxter: Finding Mariah at The Stand Comedy Club 2 until 24th August at 17:05. For tickets, go to