After being on a Fringe hiatus of five years, and working on several film projects, Josie Long is back at The Stand Comedy Club, but not as we know her. The film projects are not the only reason behind Josie’s short break from Edinburgh, other major life changes have occurred too, which is the focus of her hour show, Tender.

Josie Long, who is renowned for her comedy, and passionate interest in politics, is back with a show entirely about motherhood, and the optimism that can stem from a new life, that prompts softness within society. The London-based writer and comedian has culminated a show universal to at least half the population, focusing on both the terrifying and wondrous elements of giving birth and then raising a child.

Her previous self does often creep back into her show, as she describes her nebulous pain like Michael Gove pushing a flint into her back, and she imitates her ventriloquism in the shape of a cuddly toy dolphin and the quotes of Greta Thunberg. However, social justice still sits at the centre of her show, if we look beneath the surface, as she reminds us that we need to consider the political impact of a UK ran by the Tories, with someone like Boris Johnson sitting at the top, on the next generation, which includes her thirteen month child.

Jam-packed and sold out for the next week, Tender, is relative, hilarious, focussed on the anxieties induced by our present society, and the “glamour” of pregnancy. Full of warmth and hope as well as sleep deprivation, this show is worth the five years of anticipation, for a show with more layers than a baby amidst the storms. Reeking of subtext and intention, Tender is a show worth booking before the entire run sells out.

You can see Josie Long: Tender at Stand One from 5th – 25th August at 20:20. For tickets, please visit