Jade Imagine have released their debut LP Basic Love following their debut EP What the F**k Was I Thinking?. Basic Love is a pop-indie record voiced by the amazing Jade McInally and is mixed with a simple and abstract sound.

With a line up made up of bassist Liam “Snowy’ Halliwell, producer/guitarist Tim Harvey, drummer James Harvey and singer Jade McInally, they produce songs about anything and everything, but never nothing. The Melbourne-based group have written and recorded a colourful album, their songs consisting of front-runner Jade’s witty humour and what can only be described as a dreamy backdrop.

The standout tracks, The News, and, The Weekend, with synthwave and art-rock vibes, narrate daily thoughts that come to nearly everyone, through song. Nearly every 9-5 worker will relate to The Weekend as the lyrics talk about the dull idea of only living for the weekend. The News, as an aspiring journalist myself, caught my eye immediately. Being the second song on the album it definitely got me into it even more. It is relatable, about ever-changing politics and the news in general, the fact that it is impossible to keep up with.

This album is relatable to all different kinds of people at all different stages of their lives. It relates to the younger generation who grow up surrounded by ‘happy’ people, aspiring to be them, who actually turn out not to be at all, and are just keeping up appearances. While older adults can angage with being confused and worried about the changing of society, afraid they will not be able to understand it, so much so they almost give up trying.

They say that life imitates art, but this art definitely imitates life. Drawn completely from the daily thoughts of society, Jade Imagine have produced an addictive bleak-pop debut album featuring dreamy sounds that would comfortably fit in a Lana Del Rey album.

Basic Love is out now, via Milk! Records.