Following a critically acclaimed extended run at Battersea Arts Centre, Grand Hall and an Offies 2019 win, I’m a Phoenix, Bitch by Bryony Kimmings hits the Edinburgh Festival with some force, using multidisciplinary techniques to form an emotional force of a show. Here as part of the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019, it’s a must-see for anyone with a love for the work of Kimmings and certainly not for those too sensitive to handle the content, as it did find me in tears.

Inspired by the taboos, stigmas, anomalies and social injustices around her, Kimmings is renowned for creating visceral, multi-platform performances to provoke thought, if nothing else. As evident today there is no subject too intimate or personal for Kimmings to centre her performances around. Unpredictable, heartfelt and outlandish, Kimmings laments her shows with genius and also gusto, bringing the unspeakable taboos to the forefront, confronting them head-on at a level that demands the audience’s respect.

Powerful, dark and yet, with enough humour to add laughter to this show, I’m a Phoenix, Bitch is about motherhood, heartbreak and finding inner strength. Clearly with a heart still pulsing with pain, Bryony addresses drowning, madness, paranoia, therapy and confrontation in this hour and twenty minutes long show at Pleasance One.

In 2016, Bryony suffered badly. Postnatal breakdowns, an imploding relationship and an extremely sick child left her with little optimism, paranoid and drowning. Three years later she has developed coping mechanisms to handle life again, but the trauma has clearly had a significant effect. Bryony Kimmings has understandably changed dramatically as a result of this year, but she’s still feisty, ground-breaking and now stronger than ever.

A performance deserving of a standing ovation, it is with pleasure to see Bryony back performing and this time at the Edinburgh Fringe. Wowing her crowd not only with her approach to the topic, the sets and content are on equally epic proportion. Her comedy and resilience is also notable, inspirational to the best of us, this show screams of awarding-winning material, or maybe that’s just Bryony.

You can see Bryony Kimmings: I’m a Phoenix, Bitch at Pleasance One @ Pleasance Courtyard from 5th – 25th August at 17:30. For tickets, please visit