Chicago-based band, HIDE, are back with a new album heavily laden with powerfully intense electronics, via Dais Records. Hell is Here is out on 23rd August, a well-compiled ten track LP of hard-hitting music. Like Keith Flint but with no Prodigy to mellow the ear assault.

HIDE are an electronic duo based in Chicago, made up of fine artist Gabel and percussionist Seth Sher. Together since 2014, the pair create sample based compositions using a combination of self sourced field recordings and various pop culture/media. Releases have included 2016’s Black Flame EP, which is dedicated to the memory of Reyhana Jabbari, a 27 year old Iranian woman who was hung for allegedly killing someone who tried to rape her. Their debut album Castration Anxiety, which came out in 2017 on Dais Records addresses issues of power dynamics and representation. Addressing formidable issues, there is an anticipated destructive sound to the asesthetic of their music, that renders it somewhat unlistenable to me.

HIDE’s second full length album, Hell is Here furthers the tone of the two previous records. Sick and heavy, repetitive and aggressive, it’s an unfathomable listen, and at times often spurs you to switch it off for a breather. It’s not always easy to give it a full listen, abrasive and discomforting in style. The complex drum programming and sub bass, along with the occasional sound of wretching in fact induces more anxiety than the combined drum and bass. Uncompromising, this album is for a particular kind of music fan. And I am just not sure I am that.

Opening track, Chainsaw, establishes the album nicely, cold, insutrial sounds, that evolve over the course of the ten tracks. Harsh, corroding and vexatious, Hell Is Here, is aptly titled, and this album is not one to venutre into lightly. It makes you come out the other side, delicate and raw, powerless and disenfranchised. Please enter but do go tentatively.

Hell is Here is out on 23rd August, via Dais Records.