The pilot announces we’re about to land in Cuba where it’s a balmy 34 degrees at night and from this moment we’re transported to Havana After Dark.

A live salsa band accompanied with by a male and female singer bring the sounds of Havana and a gang of male and female dancers, the energy of the clubs and bars of the city.

This is the world premiere of a new show from Cuba to celebrate the 500 year anniversary of Havana debuting at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The dancers are excellent showcasing their skills, dancing a mix of Latin styles with salsa, mambo and rumba and combining this with modern hip hop, reggaeton and street dance. Each dance is delivered full of energy and vigour, and the two lead singers were fantastic singing in Cuban Spanish.

Two numbers brought the pace down when a male and female ballet dancer coupled up to dance together in exquisite style.

A segment devoted to a tribute to the Buena Vista Social Club where the band were able to shine with their solos on their particular instruments was also fantastic.

As the night came to an end and the party is then ready to move from the bars to the house after party the audience are invited to join in up on stage and get up close with the performers to show their own salsa skills off.

The show is well worth a watch to experience the sights and sound of Havana in Edinburgh and learn a little history about the country of Cuba.

You can see Havana After Dark at Pleasance at EICC until 25th August at 21:00. For tickets, go to