In a nutshell, Ejaculation is what it promises: A discussion about female sexuality. In this mellow, nevertheless powerful performance, Essi Rossi from “From Start to Finnish” decides to take centre stage, even though her real comfort zone is the director’s chair. She paints a pastel picture of female sexual experience, across cultures, ages, personalities and continents. All the while, Sarah Kivi’s soothing electronic tunes serve as a slightly melancholy, but fitting backdrop.

Yet again, Essi Rossi is directing: She is directing a conversation among women, about women, but for everyone to hear. Her interview partners vary so much in their experience, their sexuality and their personal situations, but seem to have one common link: something that is holding them back from ejaculating. Yes, Rossi is talking about squirting here, a physical reaction many women (and men) don’t even know exists. She herself is so intrigued by the idea, that she goes on a quest for her own squirt; but there seems to be something in the way: is it the idea of “doing it right” that keeps us – women – from regularly wetting the sheets with ejaculate? Rossi does not answer the question as she is simply having the conversation. A conversation that is very soothing, held in a modest manner, admitting that we know so little about our own bodies and its most natural reactions. Most of her interviewees, whose voices play from a record, are giggling while answering Rossi’s questions, but as scandalous as their statements might feel to themselves, as a female audience member I cannot help but find them utterly predictable. Most of these women are about ten years my senior, but I understand, I expect, and I know everything that they are saying, because I have been there – or maybe, because I haven’t been there either.

Overall, Ejaculation is a very inclusive performance, a potpourri of experiences, contrasts and commonalities and most of all: a reflection on how backwards our view on and knowledge about female ejaculation is.

You can see Ejaculation at Summerhall until 24th August at 20:55. For tickets, go to