Seattle-based trio Dude York joins the long list of artists attempting encapsulate romantic relationships with music on their fourth studio album Falling.

The premise of exploring the ins and outs of relationships sets expectations for the album’s emotional intelligence beyond your average middle schooler. However, Dude York seems to fail in that.

To a great extent, the concepts within romance Dude York attempted to grasp seemed unoriginal. It is almost too easy to find an aspect of love Taylor Swift has covered more successfully. Even the title of the album seems to suggest the band did not dig deep linguistically on the album.

While the group’s 90s alt-rock genre does establish a cool atmosphere of nostalgia that might have made for an interesting approach, it seems the band has rather chosen to focus heavily on the early stages of relationships.

Previously, guitarist Peter Richards has been the prominent vocal on their records, however, on Falling he shares the responsibility with bassist Claire England. The constant switch between the male and female voice does bring some colour and variation to the otherwise simple project.

Nearing the end of the album, one track does stand out. Let Down almost has dumping-anthem potential. The track is full of energy and the chorus consists around the line “Imma let you down easy” – a line almost anyone with a little spite in them could enjoy singing along to.

Falling feels both very young and anonymous for a fourth studio album. The band seems to have stripped some of the spunk they had on previous albums for a more streamlined expression.

While relationships make more interesting music due to their inevitable complex nature, it is also hard work. Music about love is such a saturated market and Dude York, unfortunately, joins the long list of artists who failed to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Falling is released on Hardly Art and out now.