Author of 2017’s critically acclaimed and Orwell Awards Book Prize-winning Poverty Safari, Darren McGarvey, aka LOKI, embarks on his second fringe show after delivering Povery Safari Live last year. Following the popularity of his bestseller, Darren’s new act reflects on this success and the state of Scotland in 2019 with a blend of spoken word, music and comedy from the Glaswegian hip hop artist.

Darren delivers his socio-political commentary with characteristic energy, openness and humour, which is captivating to listen to. His take on the social mobility he now has – or has not – is honest and insightful as he weaves his way through time, re-living his life and grappling with how his conscience affects his way of thinking now in a self-examination of the psyche. In addition, Darren’s critique of political, cultural and demographical differences across Scotland, which includes portrayal and dropped references aimed at particular groups, is interesting and provides funny moments throughout. He touches on topics the country currently faces, such as the recent report on the record number of drug deaths in Scotland (the highest in the EU) and the increase in housing rents by landlords pushing many out of the market, and trying to find adequate social housing.

The systemic causes and need for change are delivered with passion and pointed fingers – Darren’s ideas are thought-provoking and can be uncomfortably hard-hitting at times as he challenges the way things are and questions the audience’s own behaviour. Long after the show’s hour is up, you’re still left digesting and reflecting on it – an enlightening and important voice and show for Scotland and beyond.

You can see Darren McGarvey AKA LOKI Scotland Today at The Stand’s New Town Theatre from 9th – 25th August at 16:50. For tickets, go to