Drab Majesty, the LA-based project of Deb Demure and Mona D has just released their most recent offering, Modern Mirror, which sees more of hypnotic, Depeche Mode, New Order and The Cure sound to that of their 2017 15-track LP, The Demonstration. Having escaped to the inspirational landscapes of Athens, Greece to channel the songs for this ambitious creation, Deb and Mona have thrown myth into this 2019 release.

Blowing the dust off the antiquarian myth of Ovid’s Narcissus, Drab Majesty offers modern interpretation of this tale, throughout the 8-track LP. The combine the story with modern reality and technology, culminating an album that explores identity and personality with the development of technology. Setting the stage as a romantic saga of antiquity, A Dialogue asks the listener if they are truly in love against a soundscape built with guitars, reverb and synth, aesthetically fusing the Greek classical with the technological era. The classic tragedy is quite obviously present in the LP. The Other Side, if you dive in past the sonic aesthetics of the track. Drab Majesty have meddled with the classics and the future, conjuring a hybrid that make it distressing for those trying to pigeon-hole their music.

Ellipsis investigates this idea of courting through modern technology, Long Division explores the vices within vanity and self-obsession, “turn you into someone that I had to run from”. The world is bleak within Modern Mirror. Even when hope for everlasting love is bared in Oxytocin, we hear lyrics, “to fade away, to fade away, the times we have are severed,” nothing remains too hopeful within Drab Majesty’s most recent creation.

Synth pop anthems, delivered with a tight understanding of their technology, Modern Mirror reflects on the gothic electronic of days gone by, pleasing for fans of The Cure and New Order. Produced by Josh Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv) and mastered by Dave Cooley, with appearances by Jasamine White-Gluz (No Joy) and Justin Meldal-Johnson (NIN, Beck, M83, Air), the overall product is slick and screaming of maturity. However, the monotonal quality to the vocal is one that fails to reach into my own soul, and I’m somewhat unmoved. That said, the conceptual elements keep it listenable and their deftness is impressive.  

Modern Mirror is available now, via Dais Records.