At the end of 2018, Bill Ryder-Jones released the critically acclaimed Yawn, this year he has taken the exact same album and altered the sound entirely, stripping it down to piano and those dulcet vocals. Rendering his music even more intimate than we could imagine, Bill removes the indie guitar element, replaced by nothing more than a piano, classy, streamlined and a great baseline to fall into his wry lyrics.

Titled Yawny Yawn, there is an aspect of mocking or poking fun with this title. Expected out on 26th July, by Domino Records, it’s less than a year since the release of the original. Bill Ryder-Jones says: “I can’t remember why I thought it was a good idea to make a piano version of Yawn, I presume at some point I felt that the original had too much pep. Was actually quite fun to make although I’ve since developed a dislike for the way my hands look”.

The ever-so-talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, string-arranger and composer Bill Ryder-Jones has had a career spanning fifteen years, with five studio albums and four film scores under his belt. And prior to that, he was a co-founder of Merseyside’s The Coral. And if you thought 2018’s offering, Yawn, was honest and heart-pouring, you ain’t heard anything, until you open your ears to Yawny Yawn.

Mither is a wondrously aching track, Recover is not too dissimilar, as he gravely sings, “the silence is killing me, you came for me for cover and I let you down.” The awkwardly confrontational lyrics that explore more formidable times, bare his heart on his sleeve. Don’t Be Scared, I Love You invites a whole new feeling of voyeurism that I am never ready for with every listen. The repetitive nature of No One’s Trying To Kill You along with same notes on piano, adds a reinforced level of intimacy. Happy Song is far from it, forlorn and contemplative, somewhat mocking the notion. Quite evidently, Happy Songs are not Bill Ryder-Jones’ thing and we don’t even stretch this far down the record to realise this. A heartache of a stunning record, it’s uncomfortable and awkward listening for those that don’t wish to witness a heartbreak, a loss, a departure.

Yawny Yawn is out on 26th July, via Domino Records.