Performing at a folk night in Glasgow’s southside where Scottish Trad is not unusual, Dumfries’ Zoë Bestel stuns her crowd with her lingering yet delicate voice, and majesty. Performing many tracks from her 2018 album, Transience, Bestel promotes her stunning work, kicking off the evening with the opener on the album, Tail of the Sea.

Ethereal vocals, melodic pathos and metaphors fill up the evening as nu-folk musician, Zoë Bestel charmed her audience. As well as numerous BBC radio performances, Bestel has captivated audiences across Denmark, Germany, Finland, and the Czech Republic, as well as numerous festivals including Orkney Folk Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, and Celtic Connections.

Last year saw her launch her second album and fourth release, Transience, which was recorded and produced in Copenhagen, by Danish ‘ukulele virtuoso Tobias Elof. Bestel was signed to the world’s first crowd-funded label Last Night From Glasgow, who brought her new work to vinyl. ‘

To a packed venue, seated, SAMAS award nominee, Zoe worked for her applause, pushing her boundaries, on stage not only performing her wondrous cover of Teardrop but also looping and building Judie Tzuke’s track For You, and it well and truly did indeed feel for us. Grey Skies, Spider and Eye for an Eye were all included in this short but wondrous set, that filled an eve with nu-folk joy, red-filter shades, and a plentiful supply of crystal clear vocal and layered looping. Her enigmatic charm and naïve innocence, mixed with a little of those Scandinavian influences add a layer of majesty to the evening, which makes it more than a gig, it goes deeper than just a gig, it feels like a conversation, as her music addresses politics, and when not politics, humanity,

A treat of an evening in one of Glasgow Southside’s finest.