Creating fun party music, Holy Moly & The Crackers, have done this through Take A Bite, which is a concise, passionate take on folk, blues and indie rock. The new release, which came out in April via Pink Lane Records, is eleven three-minute skin-deep summer tracks, which demonstrates Ruth Patterson’s aurally-pleasing vocals. Placed somewhere between Gossip’s Beth Ditto and She Drew The Gun’s Louisa Roach, they appropriately belt out the euphoric tracks, such as All I Got Is You.

Working once again with producer Matt Terry , who has previously worked with The Prodigy and The Enemy, the band have a dynamic sound. Holy Moly & the Crackers includes Conrad Bird on vocals/guitar/trumpet, Rosie Bristow on accordion, Nick Tyler on electric guitar, Jamie Shields on bass and Tommy Evans on drums/backing vocals. The album was recorded and produced at VADA Studios in Warwickshire, where the band recorded their 2017 album Salem and their breakthrough track Cold Comfort Lane, which was featured on the movie, Oceans 8.

Combining crafted pop songs craft with anthemic and indie backing, we can often hear a little Arctic Monkeys and B52s in there as well. The Newcastle-based sextet’s good time drive really comes across with this record, as you listen from start to finish. Upside Down is rhythmic, feisty and drum-heavy, it’s enjoyable listening. Combining brass, drums, percussion and guitar, there’s a jaunty Gogol Bordello sound to Kiss Me Before You Go. Sister is another drum-throbbing track, with the attitude and the percussion contagious enough to leave it’s imprint in your mind. I’d Give It All is more stripped down to piano, strings and vocals, which really gives Ruth’s vocals the opportunity to shine. In fact. as an album it’s a real mixed bag, reflecting the influences of all six of Holy Moly & the Crackers.

As far as album goes, it’s a fun one to get your ears around as long as you’re not expecting anything that profound, certainly one more for the summer months as you gear yourself up for the festivals ahead. You just need to give the title track a listen to sense why.

Take A Bite is out now, via Pink Lane Records.