Concluding a bank holiday weekend in Glasgow were Montreal’s BIG|BRAVE, advocates of experimental rock relying on the principles, space, volume and raw emotion as I made sure to carry my earbuds with me to the venue. With support from Australia’s My Disco and the more local First Temple of the Atom, who I sadly missed, there was pattern forming throughout the night for those with a love of experimental rock. With affiliations to Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt Zion I was sure to expect off the scale but perhaps not so far so I could actually feel the entire venue, including seats vibrating, for which I cannot think whether that a good thing or not.

I arrived just in time to see the last few tracks from the elusive and dramatic My Disco, which reinforced their name with their performance. Their sound was very much on their times, oft formidably displeasing as we could often be subjected to the scraping sound of metal against metal as they were simultaneously revving up to a wall of noise that tore down the venue, not in the way I am conventionally partial to. Ostentatious and contrasting moving between minimal and full-blown noise, My Disco were an intriguing act to bare witness to on stage. Although not for me, there is something about their approach, which adds to the appeal, perhaps the enigma.

BIG | BRAVE, comprising of Mathieu Ball on electric guitar and guitar amps as well as vocalist and guitarist Robin Wattie and Loel Campbell on drums are quite the kick ass female-dominated rock band haling from French-Canada. Obviously plugging most recent album, With A Gaze Among Them, it appears they made their sound enormous with their last album.  Performing often to amp, and then of course monitor the sound often explodes in this venue and for that, the remaining crowd seem content and I must give them their dues. The trio sound tight, confident and that of a band that has truly honed their craft, albeit not quite for me.