Arriving just in time to catch A. Swayze and the Ghosts, whilst the venue was still relatively quiet, it was a perfect moment to check out the four-piece from Tasmania. Punk and yet with clear Bowie influences, they were a fantastic warm-up for this evening’s Freakender in Glasgow’s Mono. Lead singer. Andrew Swayze, took the performance to the floor, where he used over-the-top performance to get the attention of the crowd’s phones, eyes and ears. Down and dirty, with a great deal of exhibitionism, the band lived up to a cliché, with eyeliner to top it all off. It was, however, a welcomed cliché.

Next up were LA-based three piece, Pinky Pinky, whose trademark noise has a filthy bass. With debut album, Turkey Dinner, out very soon in June, there was an inclusion of tracks such as My Friend Sean. A hybrid of blues, indie, prog rock and the psychedelic there were moments when it felt like we were following the band down a Jefferson Airplane, Punk Floydian rabbit hole. The trio of LA lasses make music about astute observations, anxieties and reflections, however have a “take no s**t” kinda persona. Raw, gritty, with clear Californian and yet Patti Smith influences, Anastasia Sanchez, Isabelle Fields and Eva Chambers are both direct and enigmatic, whilst on stage.

The headliners, The Nude Party, did not entirely live up to name but they did create somewhat of a party indeed. The North Carolina-based six piece concluded the Freakender evening perfectly, with their mix of surfer-rock, dirty rock’n’roll, and yet also melodic pop getting the audience on their toes for tracks such as Water on Mars, Records and Paper Trail. By this point of the evening the venue was full and rocking, with a retro rock n roll deviant vibe. Charismatic, majestic, and tight, the six lads were a joy to spend a Friday evening listening to, grooving and jiving to the drums and slide guitar. Firmly placed on my radar now, along with Pinky Pinky, there were no regrets meandering back from Mono.